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public benefits

Street level experience

Pedestrian users of the local area will experience considerable improvements from the proposed development:


  • A new plaza is created at the centre of the Leadenhall Street frontage by pulling the building back from the boundary line.

  • A new, attractive and expansive pedestrian route would create greater permeability through the site, more positively connecting Leadenhall Street with Bury Street and the Gherkin, enhancing north-south pedestrian flows.

  • A new public space would be created adjacent to St Andrew Undershaft church, giving a public view of the church from the east for the first time in many decades.

  • New hard and soft landscaping within the area surrounding the new building would make it a more positive and attractive user experience.​

  • The proposals will also help to address the lack of retail facilities in the Eastern Cluster, by providing approximately 882 sq.m GEA of flexible A1/A3/A4  retail space at the lower level.

 Ground floor permeability 

 Lobby and retail space 

Public viewing gallery

  • The proposals will include a new publically accessible viewing gallery at levels 55 and 56, which will be designed to allow for a range of uses.

  • Level 55 will include a generous single-height space, offering spectacular 360 degree views across London; whilst Level 56 will offer an extended triple-height space with views to the south.

 Access to the public viewing gallery 

 South-facing view from level 55 of the viewing gallery 

 South-facing view from level 56 of the viewing gallery 

Contributions to local services

  • A substantial financial contribution to local services through the Community Infrastructure Levy, plus an uplift in business rates and tax receipts.

  • Sizeable contribution to the City of London’s affordable housing fund, supporting affordable and social housing provision across London.

 Lower level cross-section 

 Street level view 

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