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Policy context

The City of London’s adopted Local Plan encourages new office buildings to provide for the significant increase in high quality office space needed to maintain London’s standing as a global financial centre. 


The Plan envisages an increase of more than 1.15 million sqm (14 million sqft) between 2011-26.

The Plan defines an area known as ‘the Eastern Cluster’, where a number of tall buildings already exist or have been consented and where further tall buildings which contribute positively to their surroundings are permissible. The redevelopment of 100 Leadenhall Street will help to consolidate the cluster composition by completing the mountain peak formation of the tall buildings, as shown on the diagram below.

 Mountain peak formation 

 Eastern Cluster 

 Proposed view of the Eastern Cluster 

The Diamond - external.jpg

 Proposed view of the Eastern Cluster 

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